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Pitch Deck Suggestions


Pictures, graphs, photos, graphics are all encouraged to make the presentation interesting.


Amount of slides – 15 to 30 This is about the right amount that allows you to get through 20 minutes or presentation. If you have more information that can come out in due diligence.


Explain your product or mission. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Why did you start this company? This can be 2-3 slides if the product is complicated.


Status. How are you doing right now? Any sales yet or is this pre-revenue? What stage is the research if any. Do you have any IP and what stage is it in (application done or approved?) Beta testing, focus groups or trial runs in progress? Testimonials? Addressable Market. How big is this market that you want to compete in? And what section are you going after or is it the whole market? For instance, say you want to sell electric boat motors. You might start by going after a particular size or style boat and maximum motor speed rather than the entire boating market.


Go-to-Market Strategy. Who is the target customer and how do you develop your brand? What have you been doing so far to find your market and what do you plan to do in the future? Competition. Who are your competitors? Usually, this slide is a chart of the competitors and how they differ from you. There would be a list of characteristics such as price, size, speed, or something that would determine a buyer’s choice of your product and how you stack up with the competition.


Financial Projections. Usually, start-ups go out five years and give a forecast of sales, profit and losses. Be reasonable. For example, do not project doubling in sales without increases in employees and expenses.


The Team. Who are your key management employees? (Pictures are good here). What is their background and relevant experience? Any major hires planned after this raise? Do you have a board of directors yet? If not, when do you expect to establish that? Are any investors on the current board or expected to be added with this raise.


The Raise. How much money are you looking to raise now? Who else has invested already in this company before (family, partners and seed)? Have you already had some investors in this round and who are they? Are you talking to any other angel groups at the moment?


What plans do you have for this money if you complete the round.

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