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A Partner to Innovators & Entrepreneurs

As one of the oldest and most active angel groups in the U.S., we are proud of our history partnering with talented innovators and founders capturing opportunities in new and existing markets.


  • Established in 2000 

  • Experienced team whose members invests time and talent, as well as financial capital  

  • Seed and startup round lead investors

  • Seeking highly scalable early-stage companies 

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eCoast Angels Co-Founder Bill Nyhan accepts the award at the Paul J. Holloway Prize Competition at the University of New Hampshire

eCoast Angels named Entrepreneurs of the Year 

"In the past 15 months, eCoast has been the lead investor in twelve deals, raising more than $17 million for early-stage companies... The strategy of collaborating closely with entrepreneurs, supporting them with follow-on funding, and guiding them on the journey from start to exit has been rewarding for eCoast. To date, its members have been rewarded by participating in more than $1 billion of M&A activity."  Click here to read more.

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